NSHSS Intern Readiness Certificate Program

NSHSS Intern Readiness Certificate Program


The National Society of High School Scholars Intern Readiness Certificate Program prepares young professionals to have successful internship and employee experiences, benefitting the intern and potential employers.

An internship is one of the most valuable experiences that a student can have to enhance their readiness for a full-time job. Studies have shown that an intern’s starting salary is almost $3,000 higher, that the intern gets a job three months faster, and interns report higher measures of career success.

Many employers have indicated that they would benefit greatly from interns who are ready to perform when they begin their internship experience. This program’s goals are:

  1. Provide a certification program that prepares students to have a successful internship experience.
  2. Equip students with life-long skills and capabilities to help propel them in their careers.
  3. Provide employers with interns who can make immediate and meaningful contributions upon starting the internship.

The Intern Readiness Certificate Program by NSHSS is a 10-module program. Each module covers a specific topic that experts have deemed to be important for an intern’s success. The topics covered in this program are Core Values, Ownership Conviction, Critical Thinking, Managing Priorities, Communication, Presence, Inclusiveness, Leadership, Relationships, and Managing Difficulties.

These 10 program modules consist of articles, video clips, and exercises to inform and develop commitments for improved work performance as an intern. Each module will require students to reflect on key take-aways that are most applicable to the learner. A module will open each week beginning on the course start date and students will need to complete the modules in order. Throughout the course students will have the opportunity to attend virtual live sessions with industry leaders, current interns, and key stakeholders.